Link Shortening: The Trump Card In Social Network Marketing

Link Shortening: The Ace In The Hole

Hidden behind the scenes of digital marketing is a little information that has made the world of difference. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is at the heart of the web’s advancement, but it’s a typically overlooked component till its format presents a problem.

Unwieldy URLs can become something of an eyesore– and an inconvenience– particularly for social networks marketing. Long, muddled strings of text distract the reader’s attention, upstage your content, and are also hard to track. That’s where link shortening (and tracking) comes in– and it’s the ace in the hole in your social networks marketing.

In this post, we’ll examine the origin of link shortening, show why it’s so crucial to your current social media marketing projects, and lastly show you the best ways to harness its capacity for your gain. Let’s get going!

A Really Quick History of the URL

To put link shortening into the proper context, let’s take a peek at how it fits into the overall history of the internet.

Between 1989 and 1991 Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, establishing HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Hypertext Transfer Procedure (HTTP), and of course, the URL. Together, these form the basis of all we do online. Quickly after, the general public were welcomed to link to the very first model, and the web grew from there.

Ten years later, the very first URL redirection service ( was established. This allowed URL shortening, avoided broken links, and assisted guide navigation into and out of websites through a memorable, short URL.

Social media broadened rapidly from the early 2000s, with websites such as Photobucket and Flickr helping with online picture sharing. YouTube got here in the first half of the years, followed by Facebook. Digital online marketers soon found these to be the perfect platform for sharing links and material.

Twitter launched around the very same time with its 140 character limitation– which provided a brand new obstacle for long URLs, including more inspiration for discovering a way to reduce them, revamp them, and (obviously) track them.

In early 2000, smart phones began to gain access to high-speed 3G networks, allowing them to connect to the web. Display sizes quickly ended up being a burning issue. Before 2011, the display area on practically every phone on the marketplace measured between 2.5 and 4 inches. Considering that 2013, phones with displays under four inches are unusual, yet show size still remains a problem for web designers.

The internet has now evolved into a flexible, effective marketing tool– strung together by that a person small information we tend to forget– the URL.

Why URL Shortening Has Become Crucial

In the early days of the web, the typical individual didn’t have to fret about URLs excessive. Those mysterious strings of text had a task to do, and were never ever provided a reservation. Unless you were producing software application, you didn’t actually require to bother about utilizing, cloaking, or tracking them.

Slowly that has actually altered. Initially, longer and more complex URLs ended up being a problem when pasting them into an e-mail. Since the string of text would typically be too long for a single line, text wrapping would break things, and clicking the link didn’t constantly work.

With the surge of social networks, the issue ended up being much more urgent. Now, URLs form part of your link building and sharing method, and they also have to fit into a limited area. Link shortening makes the entire procedure more workable, and allows you to squeeze more links into the very same area.

Besides just looking much better on the screen, you can likewise take advantage of another extremely beneficial property of the reduced URL: It’s now possible to track exactly what happens to your link– which information is vital for your digital marketing campaigns.

Put simply, it lets you understand your audience, find out what they’re mading with your content, and allows you to create better campaigns in the future.

The Perfect WordPress Link Shortening Tool

Using a third-party service has its advantages, but you’ll lose a particular amount of control over the procedure. For a start, there’s no assurance you’ll constantly have access to your links, and that suggests there’s a danger to your reliability if a service ceases to exist.

On the other hand, WordPress users come in all sizes and shapes. Some are able to code their own redirection software application, but the majority of do not have the background– the large bulk are bloggers and small company owners. For that reason, the ideal service must provide power and flexibility, while being simple to browse and use.

The response is to utilize a plugin such as Pretty Link Pro. It uses problem-free link shortening, giving you the control you require, and likewise uses the tracking functionality you’ll require. Social links, redirects, and affiliate links are all taken care of, and no coding experience is required. It’s merely a matter of getting, setting up, and triggering the plugin.

Exactly what’s more, the software will instantly develop brief links for all of your pages and posts. You also get the ability to instantly tweet a personalized message to numerous Twitter accounts when a post is published.


The web has offered us great deals of scope for growth. Whether we belong to an around the world group or running a small company, it’s essential to stay up to date with any modifications. If there’s a way to obtain the edge on the competition, it must be explored.

The URL is at the heart of web technology, and by extension, link shortening. A flexible, inexpensive tool such as Pretty Link Pro that unlocks its potential is vital to any WordPress user. To wrap up:
The URL is frequently ignored, but in reality it’s at the heart of web connectivity. Link shortening and cloaking is a secret weapon in modern social networks marketing.

With the advancement of the web, link shortening has actually ended up being crucial to better manage URLs.
Unwieldy URLs should be replaced with short, lovely ones, and tracking and managing them requires to be simple.

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